Hi, I'm Simon aka fitbrit.

I’ve already been through a lot myself. The highs and the lows. Overweight as a teenager. Near-death experience. Came back stronger. Did things I never dreamed of. Ran marathons. Created my own ultra-marathon. Turned the world into my gym. I’ll help you celebrate your successes and keep your head up on the tough days.

About me.

I haven’t always been such an active person. At 17 years old I weighed in at 110kg, spending too much time snacking and playing computer games. A year later I started university and was intent on getting fit but just a few months in I had a major setback, breaking my back in a near-death experience snowboarding in France.

Life-threatening injury.

Lucky to be alive, I spent two weeks in Grenoble hospital where doctors built my upper body cast, which I was to wear for the following four months. After navigating my way through a traumatic recovery period, I was determined to make a full recovery and come back stronger than ever before.

First marathon.

This fuel helped me to run my first marathon in Paris in 2007 and over the following decade I participated in marathons all over Europe as well as creating my own ultra-marathon event in 2014. Sport is well and truly my passion and I love to get people moving and motivated. If you’ve been lacking focus recently then I can help you.

Make the world your gym.

One important lesson 2020 has taught us is that you can make the world your gym.

Forget the fitness studio and get creative. Whether it is your living room, back garden or local park. FITBRIT is here to help you get started.

FInd out more about what is on offer: a one-on-one premium coaching service where I become your accountability partner, personal training sessions and even motivational workshops for companies and schools.

Monday Motivation 

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