Hello! My name is Simon Horowitz, I'm a 32-year old English guy and for the past few years I've been living in the beautiful capital city of Austria, Vienna.

Nowadays I'm really into health and fitness but it hasn't always been like this, as a teenager I ate rather unhealthy and reached 110 kg by my late teens..

In 2006 I fractured two vertebrae in a serious snowboarding accident in France. ​ 


One of the first things I remember was the doctor telling me that I was lucky to be alive and that I should be able to walk again one day.


I had to wear a full-body cast for several months whilst my vertebrae healed. This was a really tough time for me, not knowing if I would ever fully recover..

A few weeks after the accident I was watching the London Marathon on TV and said to my mum that I wanted to run a marathon the following year. 


She told me that I could do it if I really believed in myself and from that day onwards I had a goal to focus on. 

As time went I was able to walk a little further and a few months later I was able to start running gently..

With my new-found self-belief I signed up for the Paris Marathon and in spring 2007 I ran 26.2 miles around the French capital.


At one point during the race my whole body literally shivered when it hit me how lucky I was not only to be alive.

The feeling I had when I crossed the finish line that day was simply indescribable. I had overcome this challenge so I wanted to see what else was possible..

So after a few years of running marathons in different European cities I decided I wanted more.

I asked myself - what worth does all of this hard work really have if I don't get other people involved too?

In 2014 I created the U-Run, an ultra-marathon event which sees school-children and their teachers running through the city together..

Sport inspires people young and old to show their true potential.

And that’s why I love motivating other people to get moving. Because even now, twelve years after the accident, the feeling I first had in Paris is still with me every time I lace up my trainers.

The feeling that I am lucky to be alive.​ The feeling that anything is possible. And I want to share that with you!

  • 32-years old

  • British & American citizenship

  • Lived in Vienna, Stockholm & Hamburg

  • Creator of the U-Run

  • Teach For Austria Leadership Programme (4 years teaching experience)

  • Health, Fitness & Personal Trainer

  • Motivational Speaker (TEDx, TraineeNet, Entrepreneurship Av.)

  • Marathons in cities including Paris, Rome & Barcelona

  • CELTA qualified

  • International Business & Management BSc.

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Simon Horowitz

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