TRAINER+ Premium Package

  • Get back on track
  • Accountability partner
  • 24/7 support
  • 4-week training plan
  • Weekly check-ins

200.00 150.00 / month




  • Your brand new accountability partner
  • Kick-off chat: determine starting point, discuss goals, make plans
  • 4-week personalised training plan
  • Weekly check-ins via Skype/Zoom
  • 24-hour support via whatsapp
  • Regular boosters, fresh input and tips
  • Full service package 200 EUR/month



When I first met Simon, I was really frustrated about my body not changing despite of all the training that I was already doing. So Simon created a first 4-week plan to get started with me. And it came out that for me it wasn’t about how much I trained but how I trained.

8 weeks later, achieving my fitness goals has necessarily not got easier – the pushups and intervals still hurt. But it has got less stressful. I’ve realized that although I could continue trying to achieve my fitness goals alone, then for actually achieving what I want, I need somebody to keep me on track. As my daily focus is not training but my work and personal life instead, then having somebody who focuses on my training every single day is actually really logical. I can just do what he tells me to do without thinking too much.

Additionally, I really like that he is my accountabilty partner and so I can write Simon on WhatsApp when I’ve finished training so he’s pet talk gives me an additional boost for doing great. And well, he does tend to check on me when I’mstarting to get lazy so the kick in the butt tends to come on time as well! Grete, Head of Marketing


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